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The RV Care Network is now in our 25th year of servicing the Canadian RV industry. Currently our network consists of 80+ dealer member locations across Canada.

Every dealer must adhere to our MISSION, in becoming the “The Recognized and Trusted Authority in the Canadian RVing landscape”. Our progression has led us to creating a transactional platform where every RV Care Dealer can list and feature a selected amount of new and pre-owned RV’s that are available at their store locations. This will facilitate browsing future RVer’s who land on our site that ONLY promotes; RVs, that promotes the RVing Lifestyle, that ONLY promotes and endorses the RV Care Dealer members and our networks EXCLUSIVE customer focused ADVANTAGES.

We are very PROUD to make available the RVC NAVIGATOR.

The RVC Navigator is 100% owned by the RV Care Network Ltd., designed and operated by RVC Marketing Inc. a subsidiary company of the RV Care Network, and endorsed by 80+ RV Care Dealer Members.

For all questions, comments or a simple request for more information, please never hesitate to contact us at: [email protected].