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Let’s hit the road! Thinking about joining the RV adventure? Fantastic! Now comes the big question: Brand new RV or a pre-owned one?

Pre-Owned RVs: Value for Every Adventurer

Looking to maximize your RV budget? Look no further than the pre-owned market! Here, you’ll find fantastic deals that allow you to get significantly more RV for your money compared to a brand new one. This frees up funds for additional camping gear, trip experiences, or even RV upgrades down the line.

New RVs: Unparalleled Peace of Mind

There’s something undeniably special about a brand new RV. Imagine stepping inside to the fresh scent of new upholstery and experiencing the thrill of having all the latest features and designs at your fingertips. New RVs also come with the security of a manufacturer’s warranty, offering peace of mind on potential road troubles. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re the very first owner, and there’s no prior wear and tear to deal with.

Considering a Pre-Owned RV? Ask Yourself These:

Are you convinced?

Compare different RV Types and see which is the best option for you!

How many previous owners has this RV had?

Is there a maintenance history available for the RV?

Have you noticed any signs of water leaks or damage within the RV?

Have the RV's tires ever been replaced? What's the current mileage on the existing ones?

What are these for?

When considering a pre-owned RV, it’s important to assess whether there might be hidden repairs lurking around the corner. Here’s how to approach this from a cost standpoint:

Private seller: Ask about known issues (leaks, repairs) and check for visible wear.

Dealer: Request inspection report and inquire about warranty coverage.

Used vs. New RV: Making the Choice

Feeling confident after asking questions about a used RV? Great! You might find a gently-used gem with tons of features at a budget-friendly price. This is perfect while you figure out your RV style.

Still have doubts after checking a used RV? If you have a clear vision for your RV use, consider a new one. Our RV Care network can help you find the perfect fit and answer any questions you have. Plus, their benefits apply to both new and used RVs!