RV Buyer's Guide

Adventure awaits: embark on your RV journey!

New or

If you are new to the RV lifestyle, a pre-owned vehicle could save you thousands compared to a new unit; however, costly maintenance issues no longer covered by a warranty are a possibility.

On the other hand, a brand new unit, although significantly more expensive, is covered by manufacturer’s warranties and often comes with attractive financing options making it much easier to afford.

To RV or
Not to RV

To roam or not to roam, that is the question. Perhaps you’ve daydreamed of a life on wheels and would like to convince a significant other who’s undecided to join you in the adventure.

Fortunately, we have a list of top 10 reasons why so many people are choosing the RV lifestyle to help win your travel companion over.

How to shop
a Pre-Owned RV

Envious of those you see in those travel videos? Scrolled through countless Facebook posts by others drinking in the beauty of some new majestic landscape? Chatted with friends (and friends of friends!) who are already enjoying the adventure?

You’re pumped and you want in. Perhaps the best way to start is with a pre-owned unit. No worries, we can help guide you through the process.

different RV Types

The RV life beckons, but a nagging question lingers: what will it cost? One way to start is to explore the different types of RV’s.

Learning about the different classes of motorized RV’s and travel trailers will help you get the lay of the land in terms of price and accommodations. Before you know it, you’ll be rolling down the highway on your RV adventure!