Shopping for
a Pre-Owned RV

The travel bug has bitten you! Inspired by videos, Facebook posts, and friends’ adventures, you’re ready to hit the road in your own RV. But where do you begin?

Do some homework

Joining the RV community is an exciting decision, and it’s a big one! To make things easier, when we talk about “RVs” here, we’ll cover everything from motorhomes to travel trailers.

Consider renting

Renting an RV is a fantastic way to dip your toes into the RV lifestyle before taking the plunge. It allows you to experience the freedom of the open road and experiment with different vehicle types, all without a major financial commitment.

Pros & Cons

New vs. Used RV: Choosing Your Perfect Ride

So, you’ve done your research and are ready to buy! The big question now: new or pre-owned?

Pre-Owned Savings:

Used RVs offer significant upfront savings, potentially putting thousands back in your pocket. However, be prepared for potential maintenance needs down the road. The good news? With proper care, an RV’s lifespan can easily double its average of 10 years. Focus on the roof and plumbing during your inspection, as water damage can be expensive to fix.

New RV Advantages:

New RVs offer the peace of mind of warranties and the thrill of owning a brand-new vehicle. They also come with the latest features and designs.

The Choice is Yours:

Ultimately, the decision depends on your budget and priorities. Do you crave the best value, or prioritize the security and features of a new RV?

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Buying from a Dealer?

Dealers can provide valuable insights into the RV’s condition and potential future expenses.

RV Care Bonus:

If you buy a pre-owned RV from an RV Care dealer, ask about service protection plans for added peace of mind.

Customer Care Promises

Finding a Trustworthy Seller

While not all sellers conduct equally thorough inspections, buying from an RV Care dealer offers a distinct advantage: their Customer Care Promises. These promises ensure a higher level of quality and provide you with peace of mind throughout your purchase journey.

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New vs. Pre-Owned RV: Finding Your Perfect Match

Choosing between a new and pre-owned RV can be exciting! Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate this key decision:

Pre-Owned RV: Value for Adventurers

  • Pros: Significant upfront savings, potentially freeing up budget for upgrades or exploring more destinations. Great option for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering. Typically lower insurance costs.
  • Cons: Potential for hidden maintenance issues. May require more repairs down the road. Limited selection compared to new models.
  • Bonus: RV Traveler’s Choice offers extended warranty programs for pre-owned travel trailers.


New RV: Peace of Mind on the Road

  • Pros: Latest technology and features. No immediate maintenance concerns. Peace of mind of a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Cons: Higher initial cost and significant depreciation. Higher insurance premiums.


The Choice is Yours:

Consider your budget, priorities, and comfort level with potential repairs. Do you crave the best value or the security of a brand-new RV?

Ultimately, the perfect RV is the one that fuels your adventures for years to come!

Conquering the Pre-Owned RV: Your Essential Checklist

So, you’ve decided a pre-owned RV is your perfect adventure companion! Here’s a checklist to ensure you find the ideal fit for your needs and budget:

Planning Your Purchase:

1. Define Your Needs: How many travelers will you have? Where will you explore? What amenities are essential for your comfort? Answering these questions will guide your search.

2. Set a Realistic Budget: Factor in the purchase price, potential maintenance costs, upgrades, insurance, registration, and any repairs.

Research & Inspection:

3. Explore RV Types: Dig into the various RV options – motorhomes, trailers, etc. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so pick the one that aligns with your travel style.

4. Inspect Thoroughly: Look for signs of water damage (soft spots, discoloration) on the roof, walls, windows, doors, and flooring. Check the mechanical systems (engine, transmission, brakes, tires) and request maintenance records.

Ensuring Functionality:

5. Assess the Interior: Look for wear and tear on the floors, walls, and ceiling. Test all appliances, plumbing systems (faucets, leaks), and electrical systems (lights, switches).

6. RV Age & Mileage: While not the sole indicator, these can provide insight into potential future maintenance needs. A well-maintained older RV might be better than a newer one with high mileage and poor maintenance history.

Securing Your Investment:

7. Negotiate & Get a Professional Inspection: Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price! Before finalizing the deal, have a qualified RV inspector uncover any hidden issues.

8. Finalize the Paperwork: Once you agree on a price and complete the inspection, ensure all documents (title, registration, maintenance records) are in order.

By following these steps, you’ll transform pre-owned RV shopping into an exciting first chapter of your adventure, filled with fewer headaches and more unforgettable experiences!